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Innovative Water Technologies: Rethinking Water

Global Impact -  Port au Prince, Haiti

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IWT's Commitment —
Clean, Safe Water.
Solutions For Haiti

IWT installed the first
Sunspring® water filtration
system in Haiti in February of
2009. Little did they know they
would be back a year later to
facilitate the installation of
more systems in and around
Port au Prince. Hospitals and
clinics, orphanages, central
city areas, and youth sports
centers are just a few of the
organizations benefitting from
each Sunspring® unit's ability
to provide clean, safe water
for up to 10,000 people per

Click here to watch YouTube
videos highlighting
Sunspring installations and
events in Haiti!

Read what some of our
recipients are saying about                    
how the Sunspring® is                                         
making a difference in their                     (to access slideshow controls, simply hover the mouse
communities in Haiti:                                                 near the top of the slideshow)                                               

Hi, Jack: "We just wanted to express a sincere thank you one more time. Thank you again so much for all of your work (read St. Damien’s Hospital in Tabarre Thank You letter, installation 3-3-2010) and please pass this along to the folks at the GE Foundation." - All the best, Wynn Walent, NPFS Haiti

Dear Mr. Barker, Dave, Krista and Anne: "The installation of the GE Water Purification system on our campus in Port-au-Prince is and unbelievable gift and blessing for our community. I just returned from Haiti this past weekend and I was able to see the system and also the people lined up to receive the gift of life, fresh water!! This system can mean the difference between life and death for the people in our community of Bolosse as the threat of disease continues to grow and sanitation conditions grow more severe. This is a crucial step in our journey of recovery." - God bless, Dave Gallman, STEP

Sunspring® installations completed after the earthquake hit Haiti in January now serve over 200,000 persons on a daily basis. The need in and around Port au Prince for clean, safe water is beyond 1 million people. Local shallow wells provide the water resource - and Innovative Water Technologies, Inc. continues its installations in Haiti. Click here to visit our home page and watch our amazing Haiti video!

What are the benefits of an organization using the Sunspring® water filtration

  • Instant clean, safe water using local water sources
  • Solar powered, reducing the need for additional energy sources
  • Installation takes between 3 and 4 hours
  • Utilizes local water resources without having to transport heavy bottled water
  • No time delays waiting for distribution
  • No waste materials to dispose of - bottles aren't used and members of the community can bring their own recycled receptacles to collect the water
  • Long term savings because each Sunspring® will last at least 10 years.

Sunspring Water Quality AnalysisEvery Sunspring installation includes water quality analysis of influent and effluent water. Pictured to the right is the bacteriological water analysis for the St. Joseph's installation.

Yellow sample coloring indicates bacteriologically unsafe water, and pink to purple sample color indicates safe water.

The sample to the left is of water before Sunspring installation, and the sample to the right shows water quality after the Sunspring was installed.

Innovative Water Technologies partners with a number of other corporations to bring clean water to Haiti. Click here to watch the YouTube video:

Fueling the Cause for Haitian Relief

President Clinton held a teleconference on March 1, 2010, outlining Haiti's most pressing needs. The last paragraph of the readout lists the items the Clinton Foundation has helped deliver to Haiti, including,

"...5 GE Sunspring units capable of producing up to 5,000 gallons of water per day..."

Jack Barker in front of one day's worth of empty plastic water bottles at the SOS Childrens Home in Haiti.

Bloggers are now picking up the relevance of what the Sunspring can do for people in need of water around the globe. Read more.

VIsit our Picasa albums to view more images of IWT's recent installations in Haiti.

Visit our Google map for a global view of our Sunspring® current and future installations.

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